Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another Road Haulage Freight Driver Hits the Three Million Mile Safe Driving Mark

Astonishing Achievement for Yet Another Trucker
Shipping News Feature

US – Anyone who underestimates the size and scope of the American road haulage scene may well be converted by one astonishing fact, Con-way Freight, admittedly a major player in the sector, was established just thirty years ago and yet since then has celebrated almost 1,700 of its drivers who have managed over a million miles on the road each without having a single accident.

To put their accomplishments into perspective, a million miles is the equivalent of driving the round trip from Fresno to New York City 169 times. Two million miles is equal to four round trips to the moon and three million miles is equivalent to 120 trips around the circumference of the Earth and this week saw the latest addition to that exclusive three million mile club as Larry Painter became the sixth driver to reach that incredible target.

Larry was joined in his celebrations by two other company drivers, Antonio Vargas who managed a million miles and Greg Grigsby who hit two million, a target managed by 244 Con-way Freight drivers before him. All six of the ‘triple millionaires’ continue to drive for the company to this day. Greg Lehmkuhl, President of Con-way Freight was moved to comment:

“Actions speak louder than words and there can be no better testament to our commitment to safety than the exemplary driving records of these outstanding professionals. The milestone safety performances of these Fresno drivers are an example of the best our company and our industry have to offer, and we are proud to recognise them for their achievements.”

And what of the Man of the Day? Larry Painter’s attitude to his chosen career made it plain why he has been so successful for his employer when he said:

“I think I speak for all of us when I say safety is the most important part of the job. Our success as professionals is not about records and personal achievements. It’s about the attitude we bring to work every day, all the little things we do to stay safe because of the responsibility we have operating an 80,000-pound vehicle. By putting safety first, we help make sure everyone we share the road with arrives home safely every day.”

Photo: Larry Painter displays the commemorative ring awarder by the company in the light of his achievement.