Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Out of Gauge Project Freight Movement Successfully Delivered

As Oman Moves Away from Energy Economics Cargo Forwarder Looks to Infrastructure Development
Shipping News Feature

UK – OMAN – The links between the former Trucial State which lies on the hitherto named ‘Pirate Coast’ and Britain are many, and indeed Oman was a British Protectorate right up until 1971. The country however is not as well endowed with energy reserves as its neighbours in the UAE and beyond and therefore is building an economy which does not rely on oil and gas but rather on general freight trade fuelled currently by large investments in transport and other infrastructure.

With 44% of Oman’s population made up of expatriates, and the UK the biggest foreign investor with exports totalling around £551 million in 2014 according to UKTI, companies like project cargo specialist Tuscor Lloyds are making the most of what is on offer. The Manchester based company has recently completed another out of gauge shipment using its expertise and previous experience to deliver a large consignment to the Port of Sohar.

The goods were 11 pieces of heavy machine pumps, collected in Newcastle by 3 low loaders and 1 flatbed trailer with a specialist crane to shift the giant pieces weighing up to 29 tonnes each. The pumps were transferred to the Mafi’s which the company uses regularly for this type of shipment, and shipped via the RoRo vessel 'Aquarius Leader' sailing from Southampton.

Tuscor Lloyd’s Martyn Blackburn said that the company’s expertise, both in the Middle Eastern market and with the nature of the cargo, made it an ‘obvious choice’ for this latest successful project.