Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Logistics Scam Aimed at Freight and Shipping Community

Beware Germans Offering Gifts and Always Read the Small Print
Shipping News Feature

UK – GERMANY – WORLDWIDE – Another classic scam is doing the rounds, this one barely legal and a rehash of the old ‘telex directory’ con which many older freight and shipping stakeholders will remember. This latest is the offer to advertise an existing business in the ‘Logistics Yearbook’, a mythical tome which doubtless exists, if only in the minds of its publishers, or if to offer a veneer of legality, available in limited form. We found no trace on the internet under the domain name quoted and there are well over 800 domain names listed to the same IP address, advertising a range from sex to horsemanship websites.

The publishers, 'DAD International Logistic', hide the fact that by returning their part completed form by email, the unsuspecting mark is entering a ‘contract’ with DAD, in this case a promise to pay advertising of £799 per annum. Compare this to a publication such as the Handy Shipping Guide which offers single line advertisements in numerous logistics related categories (a service currently used by 70,000+ advertisers) completely free!

The seemingly unembarrassable DAD even includes a clause to ensure the contract lasts at least three years unless cancelled three months before publication each year (whilst only giving four weeks notice for the first edition’s advert). Additionally it reserves the right to ‘assign’ the ‘order’ to any other third party it chooses at any time and links amounts of each invoice to the ‘German Consumer Price Index’ to presumably safeguard its margins and enable it to issue a higher value invoice in future.

The hope of these rogue ‘publishers’ is similar to those Nigerian bankers, bogus lottery agents and ‘friends’ trapped overseas, hit enough people with this rubbish and someone will either be gullible enough to fall for it or big enough with poor financial management so that an invoice will simply be passed and paid after sneaking under the radar.

So be warned, if you want to be listed in a genuine logistics supply directory use our free service from the Home Page, and if you really want to fork out 800 quid a year spend it wisely and get some real coverage in a publication read worldwide – not for us to say which one of course!

Photo: The DAD letterhead and a key portion of the vast amount of small print.