Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another Huge Container Vessel Order Sees Major Engine Purchase Confirmed

Second Largest Box Carrier MSC Books Power Plants for 23,000 TEU Ships
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – MAN Diesel & Turbo has won an order from Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to supply the main engine, in addition to the auxiliary engines, for the world's second largest container shipping company's eleven 23,000 TEU vessels, under construction at Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) which will build six of the vessels, and Daewoo Shipping Marine Engineering (DSME) which will construct the remainder.

It seems the passion for the giant mega box carriers continues and, with all the current technological changes in engine design there is real kudos in winning the big orders for ships which have to prove not just their longevity, but their economy, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Bjarne Foldager, Vice President – Sales & Promotion, Two-Stroke Business – MAN Diesel & Turbo, said:

“This order underlines the positive, long-term business relationship between MSC and MAN Diesel & Turbo. It’s a significant order that cements our strong position within the large containership segment where the G-type is the market’s preferred engine.”

MAN will provide its MAN B&W 11G95ME-C9.5 main engines, in addition to the GenSets for each vessel in the form of three MAN 9L32/40 and two MAN 6L32/40 units. Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI-EMD) will make the ME-C engines for SHI, while Doosan Engine will build those for DSME. GenSets will all be manufactured by STX Engine in Korea.

The ‘G’ prefix before an MAN B&W engine means it has a design with an ultra-long stroke that reduces engine speed, thereby paving the way for ship designs with unprecedented high-efficiency.

The G-type engine’s longer stroke results in a lower rpm for the engine driving the propeller. This lower optimum engine speed allows the use of a larger propeller and is, ultimately, significantly more efficient in terms of engine propulsion. Together with an optimised engine design, this means that the MSC newbuildings will have a reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. The final vessel in the series is due for delivery by March 15, 2020.