Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Green Freight and Logistics Centre for Forwarding Group

SDV Constructs New Environmental Terminal
Shipping News Feature

SINGAPORE – Freight forwarding and supply chain group SDV is about to complete an impressive project in the western part of Singapore, by constructing a four-storey ramp-up warehouse including nine floors of production and office space. In March 2012, this warehouse became the first one to be Green Mark Platinum* certified in Singapore. It will also be the largest logistics centre in Asia to obtain the LEED Gold** certification.

The “green” warehouse complies with the highest environmental standards and is due for completion by 1st August 2012 with a total investment of 55 Million SGD. Construction conforms with stringent specifications utilising materials and equipment that are eco-friendly and generate energy savings when in place. Yves Laforgue, Managing Director of SDV in Singapore says:

“The purpose of this 42,000 sqm investment was twofold: First to consolidate and support our customers’ growth in the years to come, and second to build and operate this facility in a way that would meet both our and the clients’ values in terms of Sustainable Development”

The list of energy saving measures is impressive and includes a building using low thermal transmittance materials such as roof panels, double-glazing and composite cladding, rainwater collection and redistribution for irrigation and toilet flushing, energy efficiency by combining innovative lighting technologies and an efficient air-conditioning plant system.

Additionally recharge stations for electric vehicles will be provided at the parking lots area to anticipate future needs of SDV as EV’s become more popular with company, staff and visitors. Packaging and warehouse waste will also all be recycled in an attempt to make the entire operation as environmentally friendly as practical.

SDV in Singapore handles many expensive products particularly prestigious brands in luxury, perfumes & cosmetics or garments for the retail industry, but also aerospace and healthcare products and has, in common with many in the shipping sector, made CO₂ reduction the new driver of its logistics performance and the company tells us this innovative and energy efficient warehouse is an integral part of fulfilling this ambitious challenge.

* Green Mark Platinum accreditation delivered by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore

** Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is an internationally recognized green building certification developed by the US Green building Council.