Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Giant Project Freight Forwarding Contract Flies Safely In

Urgent Mining Equipment Demanded the World's Premier Air Cargo Carrier
Shipping News Feature

UK – AUSTRALIA – Once again the giant Antonov An-124 ‘Ruslan’ has proved its capabilities as the world’s premier heavy lift air freight carrier with the latest shipment carried by Ruslan International, the company which manages seventeen of the giant freighter aircraft for its partners Antonov Airlines and Volga Dnepr Group. The project forwarding task involved carrying 75 tonnes of urgent oil and gas industry coil-tubing equipment from London Stansted to Adelaide, to support a drilling programme in the Coober Pedy Basin of South Australia.

The aircraft are each capable of carrying payloads up to 120,000 kilogrammes within the cavernous 36.5 metre long cargo compartments and with the ability to ‘kneel’ and the aircraft’s unique portable ramp system, and the use of external cranes, loading and unloading were relatively straightforward operations. This despite the fact that the largest item in the consignment, a reel weighing 38 tonnes and measuring 3.95 metres high, was too large to fit into any other aircraft type.

This equipment was needed urgently in order to commence drilling on schedule, and the timetable did not allow the time required for transportation by ocean meaning the only viable solution was to utilise an AN-124 and the ensuing 17,000 kilometre flight was completed in 58 hours, and involved stops in Baku, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur and Darwin. Customer Airland Logistics’ Perth-based Group Director Tony Berson, commented:

“The AN-124 provided the ideal solution to meet the consignee’s time-critical production schedule, and everything went very smoothly thanks to Ruslan International and the aircraft flight crews.”