Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Giant Project Freight Contract Delivered by Fairmount

Eighteen Thousand Tonne Piece Crosses North Atlantic
Shipping News Feature

US – SPAIN – NETHERLANDS - Fairmount Marine, part of the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs freight and passenger maritime group, tell us it has delivered another giant piece in support of the energy industry, this time across the Atlantic. The 18,000 tonne topside is to provide process, utilities and living quarters for the Castor project off the Spanish coast. Fairmount Marine was hired for the towage across the North Atlantic by Heerema Marine Contractors, owners of the bargeH-541, and first the tug Fairmount Expedition had to relocate the barge from Flushing in the Netherlands across to the US.

The Castor project is a 1.3 billion cubic meter submarine gas storage project at a depth of 1,800 metres, 12 miles offshore Valencia at the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. After arriving in Texas the topside was loaded onto the barge and prepared for sea. The tugs crew attended to towage and the vessel and barge sailed around noon for the return crossing of the Atlantic with the entire operation (Flushing – Corpus Christi – Tarragona, Spain) taking just fifty days and fulfilling the ‘just in time’ contract.

In the meantime Heerema Marine Contractors crane vessel Thialf was brought into position in the Castor field in order to install the topside whilst the Fairmount Expedition maintained stand-by. Once the topside was taken of the barge H-541, the powerful tug commenced demobilization of the barge to complete the project.

Photo: The Fairmount Expedition tows the H-541 with her huge cargo.