Friday, November 27, 2015

Another Freight Forwarding Group Moves Into Home Delivery Services

Logistics Offering Expanded
Shipping News Feature
AUSTRIA – GERMANY – As one of Europe’s largest freight forwarding groups Gebrüder Weiss already has fingers in numerous pies with specialist subsidiaries running under its holding company umbrella. From rail cargo to logistics consultancy the Lauterach headquartered group is now, like many competitors, looking to the fastest growing field in the sector, home delivery services.

Already involved in parcel services Gebrüder Weiss has expanded its end-customer delivery service with a partnership with Unito, Austria's largest mail-order group (represented through companies such as Universal, Otto and Quelle) whilst new business was also acquired from the Hermes Einrichtungs service. The ongoing development of Gebrüder Weiss' on-site services, such as the two-person handling of heavy items and furniture assembly services, clinched the deal. In concrete terms, this boost provides the company with a transport volume of more than 200,000 consignments per year in the field of home delivery.

Gebrüder Weiss delivers white and brown goods and furniture to end-customers on behalf of Unito, this service includes direct on-site product assembly and installation. Meanwhile the company transports consignments for Hermes Einrichtungs Service from Germany to Austria, primarily Amazon products ordered online by end customers (e.g. washing machines, refrigerators, furniture, etc.). Gebrüder Weiss has worked in the challenging home delivery segment in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia for more than ten years.

Last year, the transport specialist combined its services under the ‘GW pro.line home’ product name and expanded its home delivery service (with practical additional services) to cover the entire Austrian market. The standard service package includes a binding delivery advice (sent for example via text message) and delivery within 24 or 48 hours, including evenings and Saturdays. In addition to a high level of reliable planning, there are optional additional services such as unpacking, setting up and installing appliances and disposing of packaging material and used appliances.