Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Container Vessel Banned from Australian Waters

Repeated Offences Indicate Maladministration
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has issued a direction to the Indonesian flagged container ship Territory Trader, prohibiting her from entering or using any port in Australia for three months, due to repeated detentions with a history of machinery and equipment malfunctions, and breakdowns. The Territory Trader has been detained by AMSA on three occasions since July 2013 which has prompted serious concerns the vessel is not being operated or managed to meet applicable standards.

Australia is a signatory to International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labour Organization conventions and AMSA says that it takes its responsibilities for ensuring compliance with all international safety conventions seriously, especially with respect to maintaining standards of the ships visiting its ports. AMSA Chief Executive Officer Mick Kinley said:

“The vessel is a regular caller into the port of Cairns, with 12 port visits this year. This vessel has a poor history of complying with international safety conventions in Australia and is known to transit the environmentally sensitive and highly protected Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait area. For these reasons the vessel was considered high risk and a non-scheduled port state control inspection was undertaken.”

The Territory Trader is the second vessel to be banned from Australian ports under the revised Navigation Act, which came into effect last year. The first vessel banned under the Act was the Vega Auriga, back in August, earlier this year, over breaches relating to seafarer welfare and maintenance of the ship. The Territory Trader is required to rectify deficiencies identified during the inspection before departing Cairns.