Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Bulk Freight Carrier Taken By Pirates Off Somalia

French Warship Shadows Captured Japanese Vessel
Shipping News Feature

SOMALIA – Once again confusion surrounds the capture of a vessel in the waters off the coast as news comes in that that the MV Izumi, a Japanese bulk freight carrier of the NYK-Hinode Line has definitely been seized by pirates. There have been conflicting reports over the situation and location of the 20,000 dwt Panama flagged ship which was apparently en route from Singapore to Mombasa, probably with motor industry spares.

According to EU NAVFOR the vessel was seized on Sunday afternoon when the owners received an automatic distress signal prompting the immediate dispatch of the Danish warship HDMS Esbern Snare of the NATO counter piracy force who made contact with the captured vessel early yesteday morning. The French warship FS Floreal is tracking the ship and her kidnapped 20 man all Filipino crew currently some 150 miles or so from the Somali coast.

In view of our piece today regarding the call for clear action from the authorities on the matter of shipping piracy in the region it will be interesting to see if any military action is taken as the situation unfolds.