Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Another Attack in Gulf of Guinea as Criminals Sweep Further South

Crewman Reported Missing as Others Shot
Shipping News Feature

GULF OF GUINEA – GABON – As the screws tighten on maritime piracy and hijack crimes in the Gulf it seems the criminals may be moving south east in an attempt to find easier targets. The latest reported attack, on 5 September, occurred 8 kilometres from the coast of Gabon.

The incident involved a fast attack boat with five aboard shooting at, and subsequently boarding the Tampen (also known as the Bourbon Tampen), a 19 year old, St Kitts and Nevis flagged, offshore supply vessel, resulting in two of the crew being shot and one disappearing, assumed kidnapped. This was the second case of abduction in the area reported so far this year.

The attacking speed boat fired upon the Tampen before the criminals boarded giving the crew of the supply ship time to sound the alarm and secure themselves after initially trying to deter the criminals in their attempt.

One of the injured men aboard the 4,345 dwt vessel required hospital treatment after the authorities were notified and, at the time of writing, nothing is known of the location or fate of the missing man.

Details first reported on the IMB live piracy listings.

Photo: The latest attack happened just 8 kilometres off the Gabon coastline.