Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Animations Illustrate Risks to Those Who Work Along the Supply Chain

Insurers Offer Simple Visual Guidance on Avoidance of Cargo Crime
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Ever desirous of finding ways to reduce cargo crime the TT Club has published a series of seven animations to illustrate in graphic form a variety of theft techniques ranging from driver attacks, false authority personnel and inadequate perimeter fencing to theft from moving vehicles.

The illustrations aim to show clearly the potential dangers and make all operatives throughout the supply chain aware of these, no matter their function, location or level of experience. TT Club’s MD of Loss Prevention, Mike Yarwood explained why the Club felt this was important, saying:

“Supply chain security is a vital consideration for all actors in the global supply chain, regardless of where they are operating or the nature of their contractual obligations. Cargo loss through theft or criminal damage has always been a concern but the current stresses and strains on supply chains across the world make security an even higher priority for operators and cargo owners alike.

”Such conditions as cargo congestion, delays, longer dwell times and shortage of secure storage facilities all mean the opportunities for criminals increase. Alterations to well established transport procedures or ‘work arounds’ also bring heightened risk. One certainty within the unpredictable dynamics of our modern cargo environment is that freight crime pays.

“This motivates criminals to maintain and expand their activities, constantly striving to identify and target low-risk high-value goods to acquire via a diverse variety of methods. We must ramp up our vigilance and communicate effectively with those at risk.”

The TT Club has evidence that criminals continue to infiltrate the supply chain with increasing ingenuity, accessing cargo with relative ease and impunity as exemplified by the screenshots taken from the animations. The means at their disposal, the lengths they are prepared to go and the strategies they employ differ geographically.

When and where a particular strategy meets with success, it is often used again and in other locations, creating a dynamic risk landscape. Such trends have led the TT Club to design and produce this series of graphic animations, which it is hoped will have universal appeal through their ability to communicate the threats comprehensively and clearly across the world. The animations can be viewed HERE.

Photo: Having lured the driver from his cab by way of a deliberate minor accident he or she is vulnerable to attack.