Friday, January 8, 2010

American Trucking Association Criticise Driver Bad Practice

ATA Demand Standards Should Improve Through Legislation
Shipping News Feature

US – The American Trucking Association (ATA) have requested the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concentrate on driver behaviour when formulating their 2010 – 2015 Strategic Plan. This follows the line consistently taken in the ATA’s safety agenda of 2008.

The ATA pointed out that three common driving faults are being amplified by a deteriorating highway environment as traffic volumes outpace new capacity. The faults identified by the ATA are distracted driving, speeding and aggression, all of which will be familiar to car and freight truck drivers’ world wide as road congestion spreads globally. In the US the problems are compounded by the lack of uniformity between federal law and individual state regulations, the ATA have an 18 point safety agenda which they would like to see adopted nationwide which covers such items as unifying driving licence requirements

The truck industry association’s stance reinforces their previous position. With regard to driver distractions Vice President of Public Affairs Mr Clayton Boyce said to our reporter that they were firmly against communicating from the cab whilst driving. Texting for example whilst in motion is now illegal in 18 states as from this week. Speeding should be restricted to a national limit of 65 mph and all class 7 and 8 trucks to be electronically governed down to 65 mph or less as is the practice in many other countries. Aggressive drivers should be prosecuted and re-educated as necessary whatever class of vehicle they be driving.

Dave Osiecki, ATA Senior Vice President for Policy & Regulatory Affairs said ; “In the future, the NHTSA should ensure that all regulatory activities are harmonized with other government agencies so that they do not combine with other regulatory initiatives to create standards that are technologically infeasible or economically impractical,”