Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Ends Well As US Freight Truck Driver Resuscitates Girl

A Lesson For All as St Johns Ambulance Launch Life Saving Campaign
Shipping News Feature

US – UK – In a week when the St. Johns Ambulance organisation launch a campaign in Britain to try to persuade everyone to have at least a working knowledge of First Aid techniques comes a heart warming story of how a US trucker shipping through Alabama intervened to save a little girl after an accident.

Dave Nelson, a driver for Werner Enterprises, one of the five biggest US road freight carriers, stopped his rig upon seeing a woman waving frantically in the middle of the road on the 10th February on the I-20 near Birmingham. Pam Carter had been en route to Texas to collect husband Ryan after he had completed a three year stint in Iraq with the Air Force. Pam had run off the road and hit a sign, in the car was her 7 year old daughter Vicki. Other drivers simply passed by the frantic figure ignoring her.

Nelson moved the mother off the road and lifted the lifeless girl from the wreck and laid her on his coat. The girl had stopped breathing and had no pulse and, after getting Pam’s permission, Dave began CPR. He continued until the emergency services arrived, talking constantly to the girls mother to calm her and discovered Vicki had a heart murmur, just like his own little girl.

“It was so amazing to see this big trucker hold my little girl and do CPR. He kept me calm the whole time and the kindness he showed me really kept me together,” says Pam. Dave Nelson simply said that the five minutes it took to keep the girl alive seemed to last forever.

After confirming the girl was safe the trucker climbed back into his rig and headed on to Dallas with his load. Captain Ryan Carter meanwhile waited for the wife and daughter he hadn’t seen for three years, finding out hours later that his daughter was in the hospital, and doctors told him that Vicki had survived only because of Nelson’s heroic efforts.

Two days later with Vicki out if danger the family sought out the man who had kept them together. They contacted Werner Enterprises to thank Dave personally causing Greg Werner, Werner Enterprises’ president and CEO, to comment, ”We are all proud of Dave Nelson’s willingness to help others, his quick action and determination are very admirable and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team.”

Since the incident the Carter and Nelson families have stayed in touch regularly. Vicki regularly texts the man she calls “Trucker Dave” and sends him pictures. Nelson has invited the Carter family to his home in Orlando to meet his wife and daughter, who will soon turn 12, and go to Disney World together. “Dave Nelson is the reason my baby is alive,” said Pam Carter. “He is a hero and a wonderful man whom we love and admire.”

A Recent UK study showed 60% of the population believe first aid training should be taught as standard in the workplace and only 28% think they could deal effectively with an emergency. Tests showed that in fact many would in fact follow an incorrect course of action endangering the patient further. To learn more about the St John’s Ambulance click here, for the US a web search will reveal your nearest training course.