Wednesday, July 21, 2021

All Electric HGV Truck Project Pushes Ahead with Recyclable Bodywork Contract Agreed

Another Piece of the 16 Tonne Urban Delivery Jigsaw in Place
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – Proudly announcing itself as 'the world's first purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne vehicle designed for inner-city logistics' the Volta Zero, following an extended European sales tour, is to have its sustainable and recyclable composite exterior body panels developed and constructed in Italy.

Having revealed details last month of planned chassis, battery and drive components Volta Trucks has confirmed the appointment of CPC Group, said to be Europe’s largest composite manufacturing company, stating that the companies share clear synergies in terms of technological and commercial ambitions.

Volta Trucks says it will work with the CPC Group to develop and industrialise these new and innovative, sustainable and recyclable composite materials to the significant volumes needed to deliver on the company’s long-term sales ambitions. Full-scale production of customer-specification vehicles are scheduled for the end of 2022 using state-of-the-art composite materials throughout the body & trim of the vehicle. Announcing the partnership with CPC Group, Founder and Executive Chairman of Volta Trucks, Carl-Magnus Norden, said;

“Sustainability is a cornerstone of our company’s purpose because saving the planet cannot wait. It must happen now, and Volta Trucks wants to spearhead the rapid change in large commercial vehicles. Our innovative full-electric powertrain will remove harmful exhaust emissions, reducing climate change and improving inner-city air quality. But for Volta Trucks, sustainability is much more than just tailpipe emissions. We take an environmental-first approach to all material sourcing to deliver on our mission of becoming the world’s most sustainable commercial vehicle manufacturer.”

CPC Group has over 10 year’s composites experience and has grown to become Europe’s largest composites manufacturer, employing over 1,000 experts, with investments of over €300 million. Production will start with the first iteration of composite, with a series of future developments in sustainable composite materials forming part of the company’s long-term road map that’s being developed with its key supply chain and material development partners. Chief Executive Officer of CPC Srl, Franco Iorio, said:

“Volta Trucks will change the mobility of vehicles within the world and I am personally glad to dedicate a considerable share of our new company capacity for this project. By 2023, CPC will have the biggest composite capacity within Europe, not only in terms of pressing but also for final machining, bonding and painting, and Volta Trucks will be an important part of the strategy.”

Chief Sales Director of CPC Srl, Thomas Vecchi commented that CPC is an innovative and futuristic company and he was pleased at the partnership with the two outfits sharing common growth aspirations, while Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh concluded:

“The appointment of CPC Group as a strategic partner is very significant. We are on a journey together, not just in commercial partnership but in technological development as we jointly create the innovative, recycled and natural composites of our sustainable future. As with our other strategic partners who are world-class experts in their field, working with CPC Group as Europe’s largest composites manufacturer gives us the strength, resources and confidence we need to deliver on our objectives.”

Photo: The Volta Zero with its low, central driving position giving the ability to exit either side and offers all round vision for the driver..