Thursday, December 17, 2009

Air Menzies UK Do More Than Weather Storm

Air Freight Wholesaler Outperforms Rest of Market
Shipping News Feature

UK – Air freight wholesaler Air Menzies International (AMI) has announced that despite the chronic problems that have beset the international air freight industry in the last year their UK arm has actually outperformed the rest of the industry significantly.

The company reports that their share of total UK IATA CASS billings increased in eight of the ten months from January-October 2009 – the company’s best showing since 2007, when it outperformed the market in 9 out of 12 months.

AMI’s recent performance – between 10% and 13% above the market – is all the more impressive when viewed in the context of total industry volumes that are finally emerging from an 18 month decline. At its low point in early 2009, the UK airfreight market suffered a 17% year-on-year fall.

The company believes the figures are an indication that their success in “helping its customers win business, and making that business profitable for them," is all too apparent.

“While the size of the total market is clearly subject to external influences and fluctuations beyond the industry’s control, AMI regards its market share as the most meaningful measure of its popularity. The CASS figures reveal that, even as the market itself is growing once again, AMI is growing faster still,” they said in a statement. 

Sharon Wright, AMI’s Vice President for Europe, added further that: “Our entire focus today is on how to make our customers more competitive, both in terms of the rates and the services they can provide to their customers. That has never been more important.

“In addition to negotiating ever-better deals with our carrier partners, we continue to invest heavily in the scope and quality of our products. Just recently, our newly-launched PDF-based virtual tariff has proven extremely popular, along with enhancements to the information content of our online bookings portal. Together, these enable our customers to win business by providing faster and more accurate quotes."

She concluded: “We are deeply sympathetic to the pain which many have been suffering in our industry this year. What is most satisfying about our recent strong results is the knowledge that our success reflects our customers’ success. This proves that our continuing investments and innovation are making a real difference to their businesses, and it demonstrates that our unique trade-only wholesale concept is just as valid today as it was when we launched AMI 33 years ago.”