Thursday, June 28, 2012

Air Freight Specialists Rent Out Cargo Explosives Sniffer as Security Conference Develops

Innovative Security for Hire Whilst Transec Announces Live Debates
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – US – UK – WORLDWIDE – Following the successful trial of an original order First Class Zollservice und Transportvermittlungs GmbH has made a further investment with a new purchase from Implant Sciences' Hamburg-based distributor, D-TeC System Consulting of their Quantum Sniffer(TM) H150 handheld explosives trace detector. First Class Zollservice, based in Raunheim south west of Frankfurt, has worked as customs clearance and air freight management services for two decades and recently expanded into the cargo security field.

The sniffers provide a mobile screening capability and First Class Zollservice rent them out to freight forwarders charging per item examined with the units installed in a suitable vehicle. Implant Sciences develops, manufactures and sells sophisticated sensors and systems for the security, safety and defence sector and its products are evaluated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The company’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Dr. Darryl Jones praised his latest customer’s entrepreneurial skill saying:

"First Class Zollservice has been very innovative in identifying a new niche market which caters to smaller shippers for whom purchasing screening equipment is not cost effective. In providing screening as a service, this company is offering better economics to a new customer base. We believe that the non-radioactive design of our Quantum Sniffer trace detectors offers a number of opportunities in which we can gain further traction globally."

Holger Hille, General Manager of First Class Zollservice, was suitably enthusiastic about the ourchase of a second machine adding:

"We implemented the first QS-H150 in our newly launched mobile screening service late last year. Implant Sciences' portable trace detector has performed extremely well and we are seeing growing demand for our mobile service, leading to our second QS-H150 order. In Germany we have strict regulations regarding the transportation of equipment that uses radioactive materials. With its advanced design, the QS-H150 has opened a new market for us."

Meanwhile in the UK things are building up as the 10th annual Transport Security Expo gears up for the years major transport security event at London’s Olympia on the 14th and 15th November by announcing this week details of its ‘Great Live Debates’ a feature of its conference program. This newly created ‘Great Live Debates’ conference feature hones in on primary concerns within the aviation; maritime and public transport domain spaces and enables attendees to discuss matters of most concern to them in open forum during the two days of Transport Security Expo. Managing Director David Woodbridge explains:

“Through extensive research and widespread industry outreach we have focused each of the conferences toward identifying threats and real world methods of mitigation. These expanded conferences also introduce the relatively new concept of The Great Live Debates, allowing delegates from across the globe to fully engage in the important discussions at hand. We continue our work in a tough economic environment but budgetary constraint should not distract us from the ultimate goal of making the transport infrastructure more secure than it is today.

“These conferences help to identify the key security issues faced in each of the transport fields and could potentially help attending delegates to make informed decisions as to where tight budgets should be focused. We look forward to welcoming those with primary responsibility for security within the transport world back to London Olympia in November for Transport Security Expo.”

This annual conference event is held in conjunction with an extensive programme of information rich workshop seminars and against the backdrop of one of the biggest exhibitions of its kind in the security world today in a bid to address the significant security issues to which the transport industry is vulnerable and which could be exploited by those with the intent to inflict harm.

Photo: Quantum Sniffer™ QS-H150 Portable Explosives Detector from Implant Sciences.