Monday, September 7, 2009

Air Freight Service Arizona - China Direct Under Discussion

MEO to Confirm Agreement of Trade Investments
Shipping News Feature

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, US – A Memorandum of Understanding will apparently be signed tomorrow that will allow the Chinese Government and the country’s private sector to invest in the states of Arizona and Nevada. The following day a Chinese delegation will visit Reno and discuss all aspects of future trade between the parties.

MEO’s are not usually taken as seriously by Western parties as they are by their Eastern counterparts but China ranks as the third largest consumer of goods emanating from Nevada totalling $479 million last year twelve times the figure in 2000. Nevada appeals to the Chinese as a business and tax friendly partner. The state supplies copper ore, which the Chinese need urgently whilst they can invest in renewable energy and manufacturing and mining projects.

China Air uses Reno for a cargo hub when access to San Francisco is not feasible and the intention is to expand this to a regular service if talks are successful.