Thursday, June 7, 2012

Air Freight Option Saves the Day and the Budget for Project Cargo Shipment

Neo Air Charter Cements a Cut Price Solution
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – PAKISTAN – The capital city of Islamabad is the fastest growing urban region in Pakistan and one of the few places in the world where construction can currently be called a boom industry. When a major cement manufacturing plant was threatened with shutdown the more leisurely option of ocean freight was excluded from the equation and air cargo presented the only possible solution. Neo Air Charter, the founder and German member of the Global Charter Alliance, became involved and managed to handle the urgent transportation of two giant track rollers from Frankfurt Hahn to Islamabad, at a welcome saving on the anticipated cost.

The track rollers, each weighing in at 38 tonnes and measuring 6m x 2.4m x 2.9m on their specially-constructed cradles were required most urgently and with the time factor precluding any alternative to an airborne solution Neo managed to complete the arrangements, from the initial enquiry, through inspection of the cargo, quotation, commissioning of the custom-built cradles, confirmation of flight, arrangements for loading, and delivery to the aircraft in just four working days.

It was originally thought that the size and weight of the two pieces would necessitate the high cost of chartering the giant An-124. However, Neo devised a plan which enabled the use of two consecutive rotations of the smaller and less costly IL76 aircraft, substantially reducing costs for the shipper. The aircraft routed via Baku for refuelling and crew changes with Azerbaijani based operator Silk Way providing extra crews so that mandatory rest requirements would not cause delays and total transit times would be minimised.

The entire programme, from loading in Germany to successful unloading in Pakistan and transfer onto road vehicles, was personally supervised by senior Neo staff, who also accompanied all flights causing NEO Joint MD Stefan Kohlmann, to comment:

“This was a very demanding charter due to its extreme urgency, and the special equipment needed both for loading and transportation. The loads were a tight fit and, more critically, were just seven tonnes below the maximum payload of the aircraft. Everything went to plan, and the plant was able to continue production without any costly delay. Just as importantly, by carefully assessing all the options, we provided a solution that met the tight deadline while offering the customer a very significant saving over the more obvious alternative.”