Friday, July 4, 2014

Air Freight Carrier Invests in New Unit Load Devices to Accommodate More Cargo

Advanced Systems Weigh Less and Stow More than Traditional Pallet Products
Shipping News Feature

LUXEMBOURG – US – WORLDWIDE – Cargo only air carrier Cargolux, has become the first airline to carry the full line of CAEROe® (pronounced zero) advanced light-weight unit load devices (ULDs), created by Telair providers of advanced cargo-handling systems and aftermarket services and a subsidiary of US group AAR. The Luxembourg based freight airline has launched the CAEROe® product portfolio of cookie sheet pallets, heavy gross weight pallets and fuel-saving containers on its fleet of Boeing 747s.

The CAEROe pallets are up to 40% lighter than standard all-aluminium ULDs but can supposedly carry more weight without additional strapping to the aircraft structure. The pallets are certified for strapping the maximum allowable load against the pallet edge rails by using tie-downs, this way, fewer ULD positions get blocked during heavy weight transport, providing extra space and potentially, more revenue. Onno Pietersma Senior Vice President, Maintenance and Engineering, for Cargolux, said:

“The increased capacity in addition to the fuel and time savings we gain from using the CAEROe product line will provide the airline with a unique opportunity to increase mainstream revenue while at the same time save money and reduce carbon emissions. We’re excited to launch this new product line for Telair and believe CAEROe will set a new industry standard.”

By working closely with the industry on cargo loading systems, Telair’s designers observed mismatches between ULDs and aircraft capabilities. The containers can be flat-packed for delivery and on-site assembly, and have doors that swing open the full width of the ULD for easier loading.

The ULD base plate, which is extra thick and stiff, has been tested by Telair which says it can last up to three times longer than industry standard base plates. A similar base plate is used for the CAEROe containers in the lower deck cargo compartments and is also coupled with Telair’s automated RFID ULD Tracking Technology for what the manufacturer terms ‘a Complete Cargo Competence® solution’. Thomas Huber, Containerised Cargo System and CAEROe Product Line Manager for Telair International, commented:

“Add durability to the fuel savings and increased capacity they are getting, and CAEROe customers will enjoy a competitive advantage. We appreciate the faith Cargolux has put in Telair’s products and services and are pleased to have this product launched by [Cargolux].”