Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Air Freight Cargo Hit By French Traffic Controllers Strike

More Misery Follows Atrocious Weather
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE – After a prolonged period of freezing conditions across Europe there are reports today of even more delays for passengers and air freight customers in France today. French air traffic controllers have launched a strike which is bound to affect the country’s airports as severe weather warnings were announced again across the country.

Amidst new prophecies that the bad weather which has caused the French Civil Aviation authority (DGAC) to issue requests for airlines to reduce air movements by half today (Wednesday) was set to continue, comes the news that the controllers have downed tools for the next 48 hours in a dispute set to influence airports between Marseille and Paris. The dispute centres on proposed reorganisation of some air traffic practices. 

As is always the case with such stoppages and delays, air cargo will necessarily take a back seat when compared with the needs of ordinary travellers wherever a choice is to be made and both freight customers as well as private passengers should speak to their airlines for a travel update. Long haul flights are to be given precedence over European traffic as the weather, particularly around Paris, is set to deteriorate further.

Truck freight is also likely to be affected by the weather as heavy commercial vehicles have been asked to suspend operations in some areas due to the likelihood of more storms today.