Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Air Cargo Credit Control Could Cost Freight Forwarders More in Future

IATA to Meet with BIFA and CASS Stakeholders This Month
Shipping News Feature
UK – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reportedly informed the British International Freight Association (BIFA) of a proposal to introduce an annual administration charge for CASS Associates in the UK, with effect from 2018. The Cargo Agency Settlement System (CASS) programme was established by IATA in 1991 following concerns by its member airlines over deteriorating credit control issues. CASS in the UK was subsequently introduced into IATA's Cargo Agency Program for all member UK forwarders, but was also made available to non-member UK forwarders, known as CASS Associates, without charge.

Subsequent to any announcement on the proposed changes, a meeting has been scheduled by IATA to allow CASS Associates an opportunity to discuss the prosed changes and express their views. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, 17 January at a Heathrow Airport, time and venue to be confirmed.

As observers, BIFA strongly recommends that it is the best interests of CASS Associates to participate and invites any CASS Associate wishing to attend the meeting to contact Mike Jones, BIFA Policy & Compliance Advisor on 020 8844 3643 or at m.jones@bifa.org by 5pm on Thursday, 12 January to register their interest.