Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Air Cargo Carriers Announce Single Waybill for Future Freight

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Shipping News Feature

US – American Airlines Cargo President Jim W. Butler has written to all the existing air freight customers of AA Cargo and US Airways, with which the company merged nine months ago, to confirm that from October 2014 the entire air freight operation will function as one company with a single air waybill (001) for all shipments originating on or after October 20th.

There will be no closure of booking channels so customers can make reservations through the usual customer contact centres allowing them to book 001 air waybills across both networks for flights on October 20th and beyond. Until the transition clients should use US Airways (037) and American Airlines (001) air waybills when booking, tendering, and recovering shipments with each respective airline.

Mr Butler goes on to say that all staff are dedicated ‘to restoring American as the greatest airline in the world’ and that this combining of networks is only the beginning of many exciting changes built around customer needs. With initiatives like e-freight, a new state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility in Philadelphia, and 70 new wide-body and hundreds of narrow-body aircraft on the way, the group is modernising the cargo business with client needs in mind.

The merger has produced a rash of relocations as the group rationalises facilities where cargo is handled and savings can be made through further integration.