Sunday, August 9, 2009

Agility Opens New Dubai Hub

Facility promises greater efficiency
Shipping News Feature

DUBAI - Agility, a leading global provider of integrated logistics solutions, has today announced the launch of its new Container Freight Station (CFS) from its hub in Dubai. This new service will be offered to all shippers and consignees who have shipment of less than a container load (LCL).

By creating this hub Agility can now consolidate cargoes originating from various world ports and redistribute them throughout the Gulf and Africa. Furthermore, Agility has co-launched this service in the Far East and Europe.

Greg Olsen, CEO of Agility said:

“Consolidation of LCL cargo is an important part of the ocean freight business and whilst we appreciate this is not a new product; we believe we have a competitive advantage to offer our clients - our global network. We have the global presence from which to leverage more countries and areas than our competitor. In addition, we have substantial buying power with major carriers, meaning we can deliver greater value as well as a greater service to our clients.”

At a time when consignees are shipping smaller volumes, the LCL market is likely to grow. Dubai's Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) port is well placed to cater to this market as turnaround times for vessels are very quick compared to other ports. According to Agility, this means that goods can be cleared and delivered to Agility's CFS, and ready for redistribution within 8-12 hours of the vessel's arrival.