Wednesday, March 19, 2014

After LD Concentrates on Bulk Freight and Logistics, Tug Gets to Work for New Owners

Fairmount Marine Begins with Contract on Home Territory for Both
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – ITALY – Earlier this month Louis Dreyfus Armateurs sold its interest in both Fairmount Marine B.V. and its affiliate Fairmount Ocean Towage Company B.V., to the Dutch based Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., a marine service provider with a special interest in dredging, offshore energy and port services. The group already owned Smits, a towage company and its salvage sector will be strengthened by the acquisition of the Rotterdam based Fairmount operation. Boskalis lays claim to a fleet of over 1,000 vessels of various types whilst Louis Dreyfus says it wants to concentrate on its bulk freight and logistics activities.

Fairmount’s five heavy duty tugs now consolidate both company’s Netherlands based operations and Boskalis soon proved that it has work for its new assets with the news that the Fairmount Glacier has towed pipe layer Castoro Sei to Rotterdam from where the vessel will start her seasonal activities on the North Sea having hooked-up in Genoa, Italy. The Castoro Sei is a 28,000 ton DWT 152 metre long semi-submersible pipe laying vessel which draws close to 10 metres, operated by Italian group Saipem, and flagged in Bermuda. For her towage from Genoa towards Rotterdam the Fairmount Glacier was mobilised from Las Palmas and the convoy reached Gibraltar within six days.

For the next part of the voyage, including the passage of the English Channel, the Fairmount Glacier was assisted by tug Salviceroy. Despite some filthy weather encountered off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, the convoy made good progress and continued towards its destination where, upon arrival at Rotterdam, the Castoro Sei was towed inside and safely moored.

 Photo: The Castoro Sei at sea.