Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Administration Change at Freight Forwarding and NVOCC Group

Consolidation of Business Interests for Independent Group
Shipping News Feature

BELGIUM – Trans Ocean Pacific (TOP), the NVOCC subsidiary of Europe Cargo BVBA, has been absorbed into the parent business with effect from 1 January 2015. Europe Cargo is the Belgian member of the independent freight forwarding and consolidation organisation FPS and the newly merged companies see clear advantages to continuing their activities in Belgium under a single name in the future.

The resulting business is now active in general freight forwarding, ocean freight consolidation and project shipping. All TOP staff have joined Europe Cargo, and all TOP activities will now be handled by the newly-merged business. TOP’s senior management have also joined the Europe Cargo board to ensure continuity of service and standards. Director Eric Vrolijk, commented:

”One business name is easier to market than two, especially as they are involved in similar business. But there will be no changes to ownership, management or staff, address, or contact details.”

Europe Cargo was founded in 1992, while TOP was launched a year later. In the past year, Europe Cargo had already taken a majority stake in Trans Ocean Pacific, and this latest moves sees the conclusion of this process. Says Director Fred Konings, who has managed TOP in recent years:

“Through this amalgamation of the businesses, we are creating a stronger company which is ready to take on new challenges and develop new activities.”