Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aberdeen Considers Banning Trucks

New study launched
Shipping News Feature

ABERDEEN – The Granite City is carrying out a study to consider the possibility of banning lorries from the city centre.

The European Union has awarded Nestrans, the North-East regional transport partnership responsible for transport planning in the city and the wider area, £85,000 in funding to examine the potential for creating a low emission zone (LEZ) in the city.

The three-year project is to be undertaken in a collaberation between Aberdeen City Council, Nestrans and Robert Gordon University. The study will focus exclusively on freight vehicles, not cars. The £175,000 study will, however, look at the possibility of creating a “pay-as-you-go” car rental scheme for the city centre and bike-hire options.

Reaction to the proposals has been cautious in some quarters. The Chairman of the Aberdeen City Centre Association, John Michie, said that “I don’t see how we would survive because cleansing vehicles and public transport would account for about 90% of high-emitting vehicles in the city centre.”

If the proposals that the study is examining are adopted by the city then only zero or low-emission freight vehicles will be allowed in the area.