Friday, September 28, 2018

A Round Up of Some Lesser Freight, Shipping and Logistics News Items This Week

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Shipping News Feature
EUROPE – This week's round-up of general shipping and logistics news you may have missed actually starts with a detail which may prove very useful to HGV drivers as well as freight forwarders and road haulage operators with business in Europe. If you have ever tried to unravel the complexities of who is allowed to drive through various countries and when, then the Timocom Truckban site is for you.

The links give access to sixteen of the main European countries used by commercial vehicles with precise information on driving bans, when, where and why they are in place.

MOROCCO – Sadly one person, variously reported as a 19 or 22 year old female law student, was killed by the country’s naval forces when the migrant speedboat she was fleeing toward Spain in was shot at, apparently after the Spaniard in charge of the vessel refused to stop when ordered.

Three of the other occupants of the boat were injured, one having to have an arm amputated and the two Spanish men in charge of the craft were arrested and are awaiting charges. The case was first reported by the Moroccan branch of the Northern Observatory for Human Rights, an NGO. Up to 40,000 migrants are believed to have crossed from Morocco to Spain so far this year.

JAPAN – NETHERLANDS – WORLDWIDE – Daikin Reefer, global supplier of container refrigeration equipment will be officially marking its 50th anniversary this year with celebrations at Intermodal Europe, 6-8 November 2018, in Rotterdam. The company has supplied more than 250,000 units to over 300 liner shipping and leasing companies and says it continues to grow its customer base year-on-year, in both the operating and leasing sectors.

As global populations and average salaries grow, free trade agreements have enabled products to be transported between more countries than ever before and reefer boxes, now linked to ever more environmentally friendly technology, are an essential part of the world’s supply chain particularly when foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals are concerned.

UK – An education pack aimed at primary school pupils has been launched by The Mission to Seafarers (MtS), and designed to be used in the classroom to educate young children on the impact the maritime industry has upon them and wider society. The Flying Angel Education Resource has been designed with leading education consultants to increase awareness and visibility of the maritime industry amongst school children in line with the National Curriculum.

The resource, which has gained backing from the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, will show young people how goods are transported all over the world, as well as give an insight into the way the maritime industry impacts their lives on a daily basis. The pack combines a mixture of informative and interactive activities for teachers and pupils to engage in. The first of its kind, the inaugural education pack is aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

UK – With repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) affecting operators in a range of industries estimated to cost British businesses millions of pounds each year in sick pay and lost productivity, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has revealed that its GRENDiA ES will be the first IC engine range to benefit from its pioneering armrest with award-winning fingertip controls.

The new contoured, fully adjustable armrest features a bump which takes away pressure and pain from the elbow allowing operators to perform multiple functions without bending at the arm or wrist and creating strain.

UK – WORLDWIDE – Virgin Atlantic Cargo saw freight throughput rise 3% year-on-year in the first half of 2018 with credit partly going to the opening of the airline’s Pharma Zone at Heathrow in Q4 2017which saw pharma business grow by over 50% as customers’ preference for airlines offering GDP-compliant services increased.

Booming e-commerce also aided a rise which meant the carrier shifted over 116,000 tonnes in the run up to June. Load factors advanced helped by high demand from the UK to the US as well as to Delhi, Johannesburg, Dubai, Shanghai and the Caribbean and a long-haul international cargo sales and management agreement with Virgin Australia contributed to the airline’s strong half-year performance.

UK - TVS Supply Chain Solutions is to provide integrated logistics consultancy support through team Equinox to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the recently awarded Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Programme Delivery Partner (PDP) contract. The PDP contract has been awarded to team Equinox, which comprises Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. and Turner & Townsend as the lead contractors, with TVS as a key subcontractor.

DE&S is responsible for the management of all MOD equipment and support-related procurement activity. This includes the procurement of new military equipment, commodities and services, support to in-service equipment through-life and management of global logistics operations. TVS will provide specialist iLog resource into the DE&S matrix operating model which comprises a blend of civil servants, military personnel and Programme Delivery Partner resources.

UK – Concept 3D says that the growth of three dimensional mapping technology has a real place in the logistics warehouse scenario, able to create vivid, virtual tours, and custom digital experiences. Additionally an interactive 3D map of a warehouse might be exactly the streamlining tool needed to facilitate anything from asset tracking to optimising the assembly of orders.

With the right software and RFID tags, one can move assets from one place to another easily, register and place a new asset and its location, and even track things that have not been shelved yet like pallets waiting on the loading dock. Individual, often high value items, can be tracked individually whilst stock recovery becomes real to staff. Additionally essentials such as fire fighting or medical equipment is visible immediately and to all personnel.

UK – Maritime union Nautilus International general secretary, Mark Dickinson, is one of 12 Commissioners overseeing a new project exploring what happens when workers and employers come together to build better businesses and improve workplace wellbeing. The ‘Works For Us Commission for Collective Voice’ chaired by Labour Peer, Baroness Margaret Prosser, and organised by Unions 21, is seeking success stories from unions about how workers and employers have together improved ways of working to increase productivity and workplace satisfaction.

The Commission was launched in June in the House of Commons and launched a call for evidence this month. Other Commissioners include: leader of the Lib Dems, Vince Cable; Labour MP, Angela Eagle; and SNP MP Neil Gray. The call for evidence closes in January next year. The Commission aims to launch an interim report in April

NIGERIA – The problems at the country’s ports which we reported in July continue as this week unions called for indefinite strike. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and United Labour Congress (ULC) are protesting against the suspension of minimum wage negotiations between the government and unions including the Maritime Workers Union.

Photo: The migrant crisis in the Western Mediterranean has reached crisis proportions.