Friday, August 19, 2016

A Free Offer to Readers Who Suffer Sea Fever and Appreciate Marine Art

(Apologies to John Masefield)
Shipping News Feature
UK – Free offers are in short supply but readers of the Handy Shipping Guide can gain save the £6 entrance fee to a major maritime exhibition in London next month just by mentioning our name at the Gallery desk. The event is to celebrate everything that is wonderful and inspiring about the sea and the marine environment, includes much of interest to the merchant navy fraternity, and is being held from Wednesday September 28 to Saturday 8 October at the Mall Galleries in SW1.

The Royal Society of Marine Artists is holding the country's largest-ever contemporary marine art exhibition, featuring 414 works by 153 artists. The exhibition will showcase the very best contemporary marine art, across painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, depicting ocean-going vessels, dinghies and day-boats, harbours and beaches, even what lies under the sea.

The Society depicts all aspects of the Maritime Industries, from Cargo Ships, Ice Patrol Vessels, Cruise liners and fishing boats, to dock construction with Steam Hammers, Dry Dockyards, Engines and men, dwarfed by the size of the ships they are working on, welding (above and below water), painting and taking their lunch-breaks. Speaking about the forthcoming show, the Society’s President, Elizabeth Smith, said:

“I do hope that many of the works will make you say, yes, they’ve captured perfectly something of the essence of that scene, be that the light or the mood, the colour, of the shapes, the movement, energy or excitement, the tranquillity, quietness or stillness”.

The exhibition in the Mall will open every day at 10am and close at 5pm except on the final day when it will shut at 1pm. Art consultant Anna Bromwich will be on hand throughout the exhibition to discuss the commissioning process and to help find an artist. You can find her in the North Gallery where you can browse portfolios.

Photo: Ready for launching POS Trinidad by Paul Banning shown at the equivalent event in 2014.