Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Bumper Week For Logistics Space Providers ProLogis

Almost a Million Square Feet Leased in 7 Days
Shipping News Feature

COLORADO,USA – A huge week of announcements even by the standards of ProLogis the Denver based global distribution facility provider. Press releases by the company in the last week show they have leased out 907,000 square feet (over 84,000 square metres) in four separate countries world wide.

The new lease contracts signed this week include two deals for over 150,000 square feet each at the Osaka and Iwanuma business parks in Japan with the Ajinomoto company and Geis Logistics at Ostrava in the Czech Republic, 215,000 at ProLogistics park adjacent to Ontario Airport, Southern California with Golden State Containers and 382,000 goes to Marks and Spencers in Stoke on Trent to continue the two companies long standing relationship. M & S are due to take possession of a new 1 million square foot ProLogistics facility in Bradford next year.

ProLogistics is a global provider of space to logistics suppliers and has in excess more than 475 million square feet of industrial space (44 million square meters) in markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

pic. ProLogics Ostrava