Thursday, April 8, 2010

64 Million Euros Available For European Inter Modal Shipping Projects

Applications for Marco Polo Funding Close Next Month
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) have pointed out to us that the European Commission for Energy and Transport are offering a total of 64 million Euros to eligible companies who submit project proposals by the 18th May 2010. The projects liable to receive grants are those involving the shift in freight currently carried by road to multi modal methods. The scheme is titled after the great 13th Century Venetian explorer and merchant.

The precise parameters for proposals are:

Modal Shift Actions, which focus on shifting as much freight as economically meaningful under current market conditions from road to short sea shipping, rail and inland waterways. They may be proposing start-up of new services or significantly enhance existing services. They shall be robust, but not necessarily innovative: just shift freight off the road!

Motorways of the Sea actions that offer a door-to-door service, which shift freight from long road distances to a combination of short sea shipping and other modes of transport. Actions of this kind are innovative at a European level in terms of logistics, equipment, products and services.

Traffic Avoidance Actions integrate transport into production logistics: reducing freight transport demand by road with a direct impact on emissions. Actions of this type shall be innovative and shall not adversely affect production output and production workforce.

Catalyst Actions change the way non-road freight transport is conducted in the Union. Under this type of action, structural market barriers in European freight transport are overcome through a highly innovative concept: causing a real break-through.

Common Learning Actions enhance knowledge in the freight logistics sector and foster advanced methods of co-operation in the freight market. These actions actively encourage the sharing of knowledge and know-how within the sector.

Commercial operations from the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Croatia can apply and pure infrastructure projects, research & development projects and studies are not eligible. The Call 2010 is the first Call under the revised legislation of Marco Polo II. The new conditions for submitting a proposal are intended to facilitate the participation of small enterprises, lower the thresholds for eligibility, increase the level of funding and simplify the application procedures.

Any company interested in applying for a grant should use the link here.

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