Friday, February 19, 2010

3PL Provider Greatwide Logistics Announce Safety Improvement

Tougher Measures and Safety Training Produces Results
Shipping News Feature

US – CANADA – The third party logistics provider, Greatwide Logistics, has announced the results of its comprehensive measures to reduce traffic incidents in which it is involved. Since 2006, Greatwide has reduced its collisions per million miles by 26 percent companywide. The company's Dedicated Transport business unit alone reduced its Department of Transportation (DOT) collision frequency rate by 35 percent during the same time period.

It is always difficult to assess the facts regarding a company’s accident rate when the figures include all incidents, not just those involving death or injury. Transport companies monitor and issue their own statistics but Greatwide have a rigorous system defining a collision as any instance when a truck makes inadvertent contact with another vehicle or object, regardless of damage and have comprehensive safety education and training programs for drivers and management.

The industry also recognizes DOT safety standards, which defines a reportable collision as an occurrence that renders a vehicle inoperable or causes an injury requiring immediate medical assistance away from the scene. Under these guidelines, Greatwide's collision frequency rate from 2006 to 2009 companywide was .65 for every one million miles driven. According to DOT standards, a carrier is operating safely when its collision frequency rate is less than 1.50 per millions miles driven.

"This data proves what we already know - that both our employee and independent contractor drivers are among the safest in the industry," said Jeff Lester, chief risk officer, Greatwide Logistics Services. "We congratulate them on their accomplishments and for successfully applying safe driving skills over the road. Their safety and that of the motoring public is paramount at Greatwide, and we will continue to strive to meet and exceed our safety goals in 2010."

In November Greatwide bought the Dedicated Contract Carriage Division of YRC Logistics in a $34 million deal and earlier this month saw a top level management change.