Friday, December 19, 2014

3PL and Logistics Supply Chain Group Has a New Toy Story

Famous Name Signed Up by Freight Forwarder After Lengthy Requirement Study
Shipping News Feature

SPAIN – As any football manager will tell you it’s great to end the year with a big name signing (transfer windows permitting) and it’s exactly the same for freight forwarders and supply chain companies. So this week has been particularly satisfying for Ceva Logistics which has signed a three year contract worth almost €2 million per annum with Ludendo Commerce Iberia, to manage the handling, storage and delivery of its products in Spain. A subsidiary of the French Group Ludendo, the company is best-known in Spain for its Poly toy store chain and similarly in the UK for its Hamleys store.

Ceva won the contract following an eight month study by Garrulus Consulting of the customer’s operational requirements, and a selection process also supervised by them. The 3PL provider will provide Ludendo Commerce Iberia with logistics solutions including the receiving, handling and storage of the customer’s products at Ceva’s multiuser hub located in Ontigola, Toledo. This will provide 4500-7000 square metres of dedicated storage space, according to seasonal demand. It will also handle order picking and distribution to the customer’s 67-strong stores network, as well as providing fulfilment for the company’s e-commerce business.

Ceva staff will be responsible for providing quality control monitoring on selected products, special handling and labelling, as well as managing stores and e-commerce flow stock. It will also monitor security of all transport activities in real time, enabling quicker incident response and ensuring service continuity. The Control Tower will manage more than one and a half million order lines, comprising more than four and a half million individual items. Philippe Fasges, CEO Ludendo Commerce Iberia observed:

“This project to outsource our logistics is of the highest importance for the success of our business, due to the strong seasonality of our sector and the growth of our Group in Spain. One of the most relevant factors when choosing Ceva as our partner has been the ability of its team to understand the complex nature of our business and our need for flexibility.”

Ceva staff are aware that this time of year is crucial to the throughput of stock for a company such as their new customer, as pointed out by Marco Galbusera, Managing Director of Ceva in Iberia,who said:

“We are very proud that an important company such as Ludendo has chosen to outsource its logistics activities to Ceva for the first time in Iberia. Our ability to ensure flexibility in storage and distribution is a crucial factor in the toy industry, especially during the Christmas campaign, where punctuality is also considered a key aspect. Thanks to our Zero Defect Start Up Programme, the implementation is proving a total success, reducing risks and associated costs for our customer.”