Monday, December 14, 2009

Maersk Company Extends Chassis Trailer Hire Throughout North East America

Expansion of US Rental Depots for Skeletal Carriers
Shipping News Feature

US – Direct Chassis Link (DCLI), a Maersk Line subsidiary, is extending its trailer hire operation which commenced in August to more centres from the 1st February next year. Currently almost 800 drayage companies use the hire service where chassis trailers can be collected from the New York/New Jersey area and used to carry any lines shipping containers then returned to numerous local container freight terminals.

Hiring of the skeletal trailers means lower running costs for many operators as the cost per day is kept low and DCLI insist that increased efficiency results in running time saved. By using one chassis for an entire days work, no matter whose container is carried DCLI believe there are fuel and emission benefits as well.

From February hauliers will be able to access DCLI equipment in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Rochester, Worcester, and Pittsburgh provided users have agreed to the standard DCLI interchange agreement. Users can return the chassis to any other designated depot if that is nearer to the final freight delivery point provided this is agreed prior to the hire thus avoiding a repositioning charge. DCLI are to increase their chassis inventory to 7500 units in the expectation that the scheme will be a success.