How to use the Handy Shipping Guide

handy shipping guide helpHandy Shipping Guide is designed for ease of use. It does however contain a vast database of information, all designed to simplify the work of any freight professional and providing a route to increased profitability.

On first using the site it is recommended that the newcomer looks through all the various types of information available to them and takes a few minutes to see what they may need, now and for the future.

Who amongst Freight Forwarders have never needed to collect an urgent consignment from some obscure part of the country to get back for a trailer/container?

UK Haulage
Check out the UK HAULAGE section and find that small, large or specialist haulier who is based where you need to pick up and is willing to do a deal.

Shipping Schedules
Which Exporter doesn’t want to peruse their options when shipping to any destination? The SHIPPING SCHEDULES drop downs list companies moving freight to and from virtually every conceivable destination.

Overseas Agencies
How many times do you need a reliable agent in a place you can’t even spell, let alone speak the language? The OVERSEAS AGENCIES lists several options, from Foreign Agents to Chambers of Commerce designed to assist you.

Freight Essentials
FREIGHT ESSENTIALS can save you hours of research, if you need competitive Goods in Transit Insurance, a properly qualified Transport Lawyer, a ferry to Dunoon or just a local Freight Forwarder take a look in here.

Specialist Movements
SPECIALIST MOVEMENTS covers ways to shift those out of the ordinary commodities. Cars, Chemicals, Temperature Sensitive, Media. Take a look in here.

One of the best things about the Guide is that it enables the user to learn something about the Companies they are interested in. The Accreditations shown at the end of each entry enable the user to gauge, at a glance, something about an organisation.

The advantage which we have over traditional print media is the ability to link you directly with the organisation you are interested in.

Instead of meaningless pages of shipping schedules you can link directly to the relevant site, track and trace, check ETA’s & ETD’s simply by a few mouse clicks.

You can e-mail the relevant person directly with no delays or searching for contact details.

We undertake to try to improve the quality of the information listed in the guide to enable searchers to have the best chance to select a suitable partner for any freight situation.

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