Enhanced Profiles on Handy Shipping Guide

Your business should stand out. The Handy Shipping Guide gives every company the chance to create some excellent brand awareness, promote your services, and tell the freight world about all your latest initiatives.

What are the benefits of taking an enhanced profile on Handy Shipping Guide?

1. Above the Rest - You float to the top of your selected categories, above your competition.
(see example here)

2. Extra Information - The customer will see your company before anyone elses, and with far more information than a basic profile. See graphic below:

A - Full Name and 100 Word Description B - In depth profile (see below) C - Accreditations D - Full Address and Phone Contact Details E - Email Link F - Logo

3. In depth profile - The In depth profile is a HTML page that is all about your company. It can look how you want, say what you want, link to wherever you want, and can be designed by the Handy Shipping Guide team. You won't need to code anything or pay for a graphic / web designer. This is all included in the Enhanced Profile package.

Examples here:

TPL - Transport & Project Logistics bvba

Nicholson Transport Ltd

Forest Freight

Howard Tenens

4. Press Release Submission - Those companies that take an Enhanced Profile can submit press releases to Handy Shipping Guide, which will get picked up by Google News and other major Search Engines, ensuring that your latest Launches, Appointments, Partnerships and Statistics articles will be read widely across the Globe by Freight Professionals, helping to increase awareness of your Company and Services.

5. Links on our Newletters - The Handy Shipping Guide send our regular newsletters to our 1,200 Global Freight Subscribers. We will include all your articles on our newsletters, once again, promoting your Company and Services.

6. Featured Profile - Feature on the Handy Shipping Guide Homepage - All Enhanced Profiles will get 2 weeks as the 'Featured Profile' on the Homepage of the Handy Shipping Guide homepage - To see the current Featured Profile, visit our homepage and click the link that says 'Featured Profile' (see graphic below).

7. The Price - The Best thing about taking an Enhanced Profile on the Handy Shipping Guide is the price. From just 300 pounds for a year's coverage, you will get optimum coverage on the Webs Favourite Shipping and Freight Directory.


Contact Dan Shingleton at: info@handyshippingguide.com for more information on this great promotional opportunity. For information on Banner Advertising, click here

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Advertise with Handy Shipping Guide