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Free Entry in our Databases
Anybody serving the freight industry can have one free entry in our freight databases. You should ensure you include a brief summary of what services you offer.

You should also read through the guide categories to ensure you will be included in the most appropriate listing for your core business, or of course the area of business you want maximum coverage.

Freight Database / Register your Company Details

Enhanced Profiles
If you take an Enhanced Profile on the Handy Shipping Guide, this entitles your company to be included in the freight database. Your profile will be guaranteed to appear at the top of the listing for your chosen category.

If you feel you represent an industry sector which is not within our category list we may create a new category if we consider it relevant. This will be done at no cost to you. Obviously you can get a much higher profile and reach far more potential customers if you take up an advertising package which includes Enhanced Profiles and Banner Advertising in tandem.

Enhanced Profile Information

Banner Advertising
Banner advertising is the best way of getting your company or freight based product noticed on the Handy Shipping Guide. A colourful, animated banner will draw our visitors eyes to your branding and messages, help them to link to your website, and assist you in forging new relationships throughout the global freight industry.

Banner Advertising Information

General Information
We reserve the right to alter copy wherever and whenever we feel appropriate. We at Handy Shipping Guide stress that we are completely neutral with regard to services advertised. We are not linked in any way to any other freight or transport operation, despite our extensive previous experience. All information retained by us will be kept completely confidential. We will never forward any information to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions).

You can request a call from one of our sales staff to find the most cost effective option for your particular needs.

All of our packages are tailored to individual industry sectors. They are all the most economical way to advertise your services to the entire freight community.

Using our unique freight directory search, customers can reach you directly and not be sidetracked by lots of irrelevant information. If you choose to be linked via your own website and /or email it will mean, not only can your customer reach you with a single mouse click, but that they will arrive at precisely the right page, or email the correct operator instantly.

If you have a busy company, with various target markets, and with more than one staff member, you may be losing business whenever a customer hangs up in frustration, or an email disappears into the ether because a staff member has left or changed their email address, so please keep your details updated.

Terms & Conditions

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Advertise with Handy Shipping Guide