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Who are we?

The Handy Shipping Guide is entirely neutral in every respect. It has been designed and is edited by freight professionals and experienced computer based publishers. None of our staff now have or ever will have any direct links to, or interest in, any operating freight companies – our ability to transfer information with no editorial bias is absolutely sacrosanct. Every effort is made to ensure that the facts and accreditations shown for each entry are both accurate and current.

We will publish a reasonable amount of information on any freight linked company completely free of charge in an effort to extend and improve the value of the guide to all interested parties. We will try to ensure that no company listed in the guide makes unjustified or exaggerated claims regarding their services and any doing so will be removed at our discretion.

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Our News Team

Our team have freight and logistics industry experience stretching back forty years. Our staff also includes professional journalists and media technicians.

John Shingleton
Daniel Shingleton
News Editor
Sutiya Nukoon
News Features / Writer
Ben Kowtho
Asian News Editor


John Shingleton, our Editor-in-Chief, started as a Bill of Lading clerk for long then short sea shipments, ran one of the first trailer services into Europe and the Middle East was an Export and Groupage Manager, Warehouse and Transport Manager, ran his own Shipping and Facilities Management Companies and has a history of solving problems for clients. He has collected, packed and shipped virtually anything. From canaries to cyanide, milk to machine guns. On leaving the freight industry he has tried to collate a website which, if used properly, will hopefully assist in any freight associated problem, many of which he had to solve whilst working in the industry.