10 May 2017

UK Port Narrowly Avoids Explosion as Toppling Harbour Hoist Strikes Acetylene Cylinders   

You Wait for One Crane to Collapse - Then Two Come Along at Once

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Shipping News Feature UK – Following on from the collapse of a crane in the Dubai last Thursday after a freight vessel crashed into the quay, comes news that the Port of Falmouth has experienced its own problem as a harbour crane collapsed there at around 9am this morning. Despite the potential risk of an extremely serious incident no major casualties are reported.

According to witnesses the crane collapsed onto a stack of acetylene cylinders at the base of the structure, causing concerns of a possible explosion and leading the emergency services to put in place an exclusion zone. The incident also occurred next to a Royal Navy vessel docked alongside the area. However, the situation was contained and the gas cylinders have been made safe. One fire fighter is reported to have suffered a minor injury during this operation. In a statement the dock managers, the A&P Group, said:

"No-one was injured in the incident, however, all personnel have been temporarily evacuated from the docks whilst an assessment of the area is made. Personnel will return to work as soon as possible."

Photo: Credit to Falmouth Police.

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