Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Truck By Truck - Heavy Haulage Specialist Starts from Own Transport Needs  

JJP Heavy Lift Goes for Mercedes Truck Offering

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Shipping News Feature UK – When you run a fleet of historic buses and trucks, you need a way to move those precious vehicles to where they are being used or displayed. Ordinarily this would mean contracting out your transport to a specialist, but for one company the logical step was to set up their own heavy haulage division so as to cover all such movements in house, and the new development has the potential to fulfil the needs of other operator's.

The JJP Holdings SW Group operates from headquarters in Weston-super-Mare and runs a collection of heritage buses and steam locomotives. Now owner Jonathan Jones-Pratt has added a two year old Actros 2545 tractor unit that is the very opposite of its ancestors that make up the rest of the company fleet, incorporating some of the very latest road-going technology, for its latest venture, JJP Heavy Haulage.

Supplied by dealer City West Commercials, the truck’s primary role is to transport locomotives and buses from the heritage collection to and from steam rallies, shows and other events nationwide. However, the entrepreneurial Jonathan is also confident of winning general and heavy haulage work for his new truck from third-party customers.

“We bought the Actros because it’s special, and because as well as being number one for me, it is also number one for Mercedes-Benz,” said Jonathan. “I view it as something of an icon. It has my company’s name on the side, and I want to be seen running prestigious kit which is going to get us recognised on the road, so that people stand back in admiration.

“We’re entering the market at 44 tonnes, but the plan, ultimately, is to specialise in rail movements, which will mean taking on more vehicles capable of moving bigger and heavier loads. The Actros Evolution represents a great start, though. It’s a fantastic looking truck and a real pleasure to drive.”

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