Thursday, October 13, 2016

Insurance Group Offers Advice on Health to Crew Whether Aboard Container Ship or Fishing Vessel

Range of Articles Give Information on How to Stay Healthy Aboard
Shipping News Feature
UK – WORLDWIDE – As a mutual assurance association dedicated to maritime risks of every hue, the Shipowners Club has a vested interest in maintaining the health of crews aboard vessels whether they be container ships or fishing boats. Now the P&I Club is issuing a series of advisory notices to those who man the vessels in whose fate they have an interest via their members, with a view to keeping crews healthy in every respect.

The latest article affects everyone working aboard ship in that it refers to the care of one’s skin. Not something previously associated with the macho world of the average sailor. Skin however is a vulnerable organ of the body and the rise in such problems such as sunburn, and the possibility this can lead to skin carcinoma and malignant melanoma, is a subject not to be taken lightly. The article walks you through the dangers and how best to minimise them.

Such problems of course are normally associated with deck work but even engineers working in the bowels of a merchant vessel are subject to particular risks, burns and exposure to oils and other chemicals liable to damage the epidermis. Additionally there are always risk from hazardous chemicals, whether as cargo or just in general use throughout the vessel as cleaners etc.The Club suggests for example that moisturising should be an essential task for any modern crew member and has prepared 3 posters for downloading and display aboard ship, which can be accessed from the Skin article itself, viewable here, and which illustrate why such preventative treatment is so important.

The Club has not confined itself to the body’s largest and fastest growing organ however and other subjects include ‘How to Maintain Weight Aboard’, ‘Food Safety’ and ‘Maintaining Fitness’, all subjects worthy of attention by any crew member likely to be in service for any length of time.

Photo: The posters' lighthearted take on skin care.