Friday, September 8, 2017

How Big a Truck am I Allowed? A Simple Guide to US State Laws on Tractor Trailer Lengths  

Tarp Manufacturer Clarifies Regulations for Road Haulage Drivers

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Shipping News Feature US – Whilst the UK is accused by some of never committing fully to the European Union as Britain's exit looms closer, the United States is generally seen as just that, a happy collection of individual regions linked under one common set of laws. This however is simply not the case as regional and geographical differences mean that individual states choose to maintain their individuality, and this tendency extends to the trucking community where delivery of road freight can be subject to different regulations as it crosses state lines.

Now a useful guide, Truck Trailer Length State Laws illustrating the maximum tractor trailer length regulations has been published by Verduyn Tarps which illustrates the rules for every individual state.

With so many truckers crossing state lines on a daily basis, and with Congress putting ever more emphasis on commercial driving regulations under the auspices of MAP21, President Obama’s Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, the guide is a useful addition to the busy truckers armoury to avoid transgressing the sometimes bewildering range of laws which control road haulage.

With facilities stretching from Hamilton, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana, Verduyn manufactures tarpaulins and tautliner sheet systems including some very, specialised items to make the commercial truck drivers life a little easier. The Eagle Smart Tarp system ensures smooth closure and easier opening, and what driver has not had occasion to cuss at a sheet that simply won’t come free? Verduyn’s answer is the Air Closure system, viewable here which utilises the truck’s own air hydraulic tanks to power an easier method of undoing and closing the tarp.

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