Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Heavy Lift and Project Freight Groups Pool Resources for Break Bulk Cargo Operations  

Pair Form Roll-On/Roll-Off and Float-In/Float-Out Consortium

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Shipping News Feature GERMANY – NETHERLANDS – From April 1, two specialist companies in the field of out of gauge and project freight transport, Hamburg headquartered SAL Heavy Lift and RollDock, based near Rotterdam, will join forces to launch a capacity pool for Roll-On/Roll-Off and Float-In/Float-Out project and heavy lift cargo. Consisting of the combined fleet of six vessels, the pool will be managed by RollDock with SAL providing specialised heavy break bulk cargo support. Martin Harren, Managing Director SAL, said:

“Between RollDock and SAL, we quickly saw the advantages of working together. Through a consolidation, we will see a better utilisation of the vessels and because we share our network of offices and agents, we can offer global representation of heavy shipping disciplines.”

The pool will consist of six geared dock vessels, all being operated under the RollDock brand. Five of the vessels comes from the existing RollDock fleet (S and ST class vessels) and one from SAL Combi Dock I. Through a global network of offices and agents, the pool will have representation in all major regions. Both companies will also continue independently and operate vessels outside the pool. Justin Archard, Commercial Director SAL, said:

“SAL wants to keep its place in the Roll-On/Roll-Off and Float-In/Float-Out market, however we also realise that our core service is lift operations. Whenever clients look for heavy transportation - with lifting, rolling or floating services or a combination - our setup offers them a one-stop-shop.”

For the past decade RollDock has specialised in Roll-On/Roll-Off and Float-In/Float-Out projects while SAL has over 35 years of experience in project shipping solutions. SAL Heavy Lift, acquired by the Harren & Partner Group last year, was founded in 1980 and operates 21 heavy lift vessels with combined crane capacity ranging from 550 to 2,000 tonnes. Paul Könst, CEO RollDock, commented:

“Both SAL and RollDock stand for superior shipping solutions in their respective fields, where we place the engineering part of our work at the forefront. Our companies share the same philosophy on client focus, quality, innovation and safety. With our pool, we will be offering a competitive yet high quality heavy transport service.”

Photo: The semi-submersible vessel Combi Dock I working at night during a classic Float-In/Float-Out operation.

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