Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ekol Yalova Ro Ro Terminal Begins Operations  

New Facility Aims to Relieve Istanbul Congestion

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Shipping News Feature TURKEY – Ekol Logistics, which last year acquired a majority stake in the Port of Trieste, has begun operations at its new Yalova Ro-Ro Freight Terminal. The opening is the culmination of two-years of legal process and construction work and an investment of 40 million Euros. The official opening ceremony of Yalova will take place in the days ahead.

Constructed in Yalova Topçular south of Istanbul, the terminal features a 500-trailer capacity with a two-ramp dock, X-Ray facilities, a customs office, a laboratory, agency offices, social facilities for drivers, a short-term storage area of 16,000 square meters and an ADR warehouse. Carcinogenic materials can be tested for in the laboratories at Yalova, paving the way for exporting textile and leather products, shoes, stationary and toys from the port.

Ekol state that the terminal will keep more than 100,000 trailers out of Istanbul traffic and will help put an end to high vehicle density in nearby Haydarpaşa and also provide traffic relief in the Harem-Üsküdar direction on the Anatolian Side. The terminal will also reduce operational inefficiencies caused by time wasted in urban traffic. Until now, Ekol has carried out its foreign operations from Haydarpaşa Port. From now on, it will exclusively operate from Yalova. Ekol's Chairman Ahmet Musul said:

"This investment was made in the most logistically relevant region of Turkey and will support the efforts of all our exporters, especially the automotive industry. Our investments have contributed to the development of both our company and the industry as a whole; this will soon help us produce much better solutions based on quality and profit. As a leader and role model company well in front of its competitors both in Turkey and in our region, we will move ahead at full speed."

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