Thursday, July 13, 2017

Container Ship Rescues Crew of Burning Fishing Vessel Drifting in Indian Ocean  

Authorities Issue Warning of Hulk Presenting Hazard to Shipping

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Shipping News Feature MADAGASCAR – The officers and crew of Evergreen Line's containership Ever Diadem, a 4,211 TEU box vessel deployed on the carrier's Far East - Africa Express (FAX) service, joined forces with another ship to successfully rescue thirty seafarers forced to abandon their burning fishing vessel off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean on the 9th of July.

While en route from Singapore to Durban the ship’s crew found the seafarers drifting in two lifeboats having abandoned the burning Hsiang Fuh No. 6, a Taiwan-flagged fishing boat. Captain Tai Yen-Tang of Ever Diadem immediately notified the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, South Africa) and ordered his crew to stand by for a rescue operation. In view of the numbers involved, Captain Tai also requested SBI Antares, a bulk carrier registered in Marshall Islands and located nearby, to join the rescue mission.

Those rescued included three from Taiwan, seven Filipinos, four from Vietnam and sixteen Indonesians. The rescued crew are receiving care from the crew of the Ever Diadem and are being taken to Durban. Evergreen has notified the owner of the fishing boat to take responsibility for their crew when the ship docks and to arrange for their repatriation.

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has issued a warning to all seagoing traffic in that part of the Indian Ocean to be on the lookout for the hulk of the burnt out fishing trawler, which is drifting and considered a threat to shipping.

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